The Top Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad (Case Study)

study abroad in barcelona
study abroad in barcelona

Today wa gonna answer to the famous question: why i chose to study abroad ? First of all, traveling is a very sore subject everywhere,I don’t, i can’t really dismiss that at all, and i was a little hesitant about documenting and showing my journeys from america to europe and even just my travels for these next five months before i came to emerson and before i started college, i knew that i wanted to go study abroad that was something that i really wanted to accomplish, when i was in high school i really wanted to go on exchange but i never got the chance to ,so before i came to emerson i really wanted to go study abroad and just live a whole semester in a different country at a different school for a couple of months, this has really been my dream for many years now and never in a million years did i think that i would be studying abroad in barcelona during this period even just saying that out loud is kind of crazy to me.

So about five years ago i came to barcelona and i absolutely fell in love with the city? i have traveled to europe a couple times and i’ve traveled places in america but there was just something really special about barcelona and i knew that i wanted to come here when i got to emerson, i planned my entire four years out i’m that type of person that needs to plan out like my entire life when i met with my advisor at emerson i knew that i wanted to come to barcelona, and i knew that emerson offered a an exchange program to barcelona with blonde kernel so when i was a freshman, i kind of knew that i wanted to go to barcelona and when i was planning my four years out i wanted to go during my sophomore year but my freshman year when covet happened i didn’t really think that was a possibility anymore, but after march of last year i just didn’t i dismissed the entire thing i just thought i would be in boston or even online there was so much uncertainty i can i couldn’t really plan anything out i lost really all hope of going to spain because i for sure thought they were gonna cancel the program.

A lot of my other friends wanted to go abroad and there all of their programs were cancelled during quarantine, in june my advisor reached out to me and he said that i should apply and the applications are open didn’t really think much of it and then a couple months after i started my first semester of sophomore year, i didn’t really think there was much of a chance of me going, i had a little bit of hope part of me that was like OH there may be a chance but i don’t want to be selfish and go if if it’s not possible or if it’s not safe to i was really just considering all things and i i wasn’t like oh i need to go to barcelona i need to go to spain now in october my study abroad advisor reached out to me again and said that i got into the study abroad program i was super hesitant to consider that option completely, i did not think i was gonna go through with it november rolled around i had my application in i was accepted into the blancarena program for the spring 2021 semester.

The one thing that really was making me hesitant was like i don’t know anyone else that’s going the thought of traveling by myself i haven’t traveled alone before the fact that like there was no one from emerson that i knew was planning on going or even thinking about it, was just that was weighing me down and that’s when i was like i don’t think i can do this by myself before thanksgiving break, before i moved out of my dorm my advisor emailed me and another student that was considering the program so luckily before we left emerson before we left campus we got to meet each other even though we knew of each other we didn’t really know each other, this made me really solidify my decision of going abroad for spring 2021, i did not want to go alone and the thought of someone else even considering going or going through the same thing as me was just really comforting to know after that we did the visa process, we finished and solidified the application we did many health travel forms a couple kobe tests and a really long journey and travel trip later, we both made it here to barcelona on january 31st 2021, i’ve already been here for three weeks and to be honest it feels like a lifetime since i’ve been here i’ve met so many amazing people i’ve done so many amazing things i’ve seen so many great amazing things that the city offers, and i love all of the classes that i’m taking i could not wish for a better opportunity like this even though there are restrictions.

So there are a lot of things that we can’t do honestly, i definitely think i would have regretted not coming after doing the whole application and even considering this planning out my four years i would have regretted this decision for like the rest of my studies and the rest of my career here, yes i could have gone my junior year i’m turning 20 this year i’m really thinking about my future and my career and i really just wanted to experience this for myself and for my studies and hopefully that you you guys will take something out of this as well so if if there is anything i want you to take away from this article it’s take advantage of the opportunities that come your way especially nowadays especially in the world that we are living today take advantage of all of the opportunities that are presented to you, and choose them wisely but then each country distributes that money, you guys know what’s going on all our friends and all their voices um oh sure it’s such a difficult name maybe medium should tell what the park and we’re meeting up with another friend right nice is got the vloggers in the house is um oh so is maureen um is how are, they how are the cookies, so that’s all about my studies abroad at barcelona.