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studying abroad
studying abroad

If I asked you what is your biggest concern about studying overseas ? what is your biggest assumption ? and i’ll say that 99 of you guys said that it is going to be expensive as hell and at the same time there is a very little chance of getting the ROI .You’re concerned whether you will be able to make back the amount of money that you spend and i want to make sure that in this post i clarified that doubt for you, because the truth is that it’s not the case you will see that universities can offer you basically admissions with as low as ten thousand dollars of fees per annum, and i think that’s pretty good but still you think that even that is a lot i’ll show you universities that can offer you a position into the university and this is by the way a master’s or a bachelor’s, phd whatever you want and that too without paying a single penny which can be as long as you know i’m not going to say a single penny but it’s as low as 500 per year.

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You probably spend more every single month right, so without further ado let us dive in and let me show you how things can be as cheap. By the way for those of you who do not know phds are almost free phd has to be funded 99 of the cases, i’ve seen phds are funded 100 or at least until 75 to 80 percent they’re funded, so you don’t have to afford your education over there but for the bachelor’s and math student.
I think you are the guys who are concerned about this, the most so that’s what i’m going to try to you know carry to most for psds, i think you guys don’t really need to worry about it, so much because it’s anyway free almost right and on top of that a lot of people earn some stipends so it’s generally you earn some money even while studying okay so we’ll go over here to and let me actually show you we’ll go on to the section under universities it says high ranked cheap universities.

Okay now the whole scenario, the whole fundament over here of saying high rank but cheap universities is that look you guys were concerned about the roi whether you’ll be able to get the return right when you’re going to a university and this is in my experience when you’re going to university which is ranked highly or if it’s not ranked well, it should be in a location which is very very metropolitan which has a lot of jobs in there right if a university has is basically in a location like california, if it’s in a location like boston in the United States right or if it’s in a location like melbourne in australia, if it’s in a location like you can say ontario in canada you know you are bound to get jobs jobs will not be a problem even if the university ranking is not top notch, but let’s say that the location is not so good but the university is ranked very well that’s also a case in which you will win, you will be able to get your return on investment.

So let me actually dive right in let me show you the universities over here now right over here on top you’ll see the filters now you can do this for yourself you can even do this by country and i’ll show you how in a bit but for now let’s say that you want universities below ten thousand dollars okay ? You can just select that and the system will basically give you universities below ten thousand dollars per annum. This is the annual fees right,let’s say that your budget is a little bit more, that maybe you can afford fifteen thousand dollars which is still not a lot even a lot of universities. I know in india charge this much per annum but hey again completely depends on your budget, i want you to do this for yourself for this post i’ll be choosing 15 000 because that’s what i think that even a middle class student can sometimes afford or even if they’re taking a loan it’s going to be a very small amount with this sort of a tuition.

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Now let me actually show you over there, there is also a filter for the living expenses okay i’m not gonna be going over that in this post, but you can do this on your own,you can basically go ahead and check it out okay ! So we can see on on top of the list is the university of british columbia with the annual tuition fee which is averaging around nine thousand dollars, now this is usually the case for programs which are non-mba programs, if you’re going to a business school you can safely assume that the tuition will be much much higher because you know then you can go ahead over here you can go to the business section and you can see the tuition for the for the business school, let me see over here it still says nine thousand dollars okay but hey for some universities it’ll be a lot more than nine thousand dollars when you when you go for the business school at least okay so yeah keep that part in mind as for the engineering school, school of arts school of all kinds of you know commerce all of these things you will see that these tuition fees are a very good fit but hey again if you want to check it for your own school, engineering school you can go ahead and check it over here,okay so make sure to keep that in mind that these will be a little bit varied based on your field all right, so for now what we’re going to do is we’re going to say that hey look these are the universities ubc it’s one of the top most again all right there’s university parish sake clay, the tuition fee over here is again annual and it has been mentioned for you but when you come down to the german universities, now you will find that the administration fee drops towards 345 dollars and you’ll think that this is absorbed this cannot happen right how can a university charge me such a low tuition fee when basically other universities are charging thousands of thousands of dollars.