How to Succeed in China as a Foreigner ?

How to Succeed in China as a Foreigner
How to Succeed in China as a Foreigner

China is one of the largest markets in the world and one of the fastest growing economies. There are huge opportunities in china, there are projections that in 2028 the chinese economy will overtake the us but how do we access these opportunities ?

As a foreigner we have a lot of disadvantages there is so much competition from local chinese people and chinese companies who are so fast and they understand the local culture much better than others and i can they also speak amazing english and chinese it is so competitive in china so how can a foreigner succeed?
In this environment foreigners have weaknesses but they also have strengths and there are definite ways that foreigners can succeed in china, now most of the successful foreigners in china that i know have studied at a chinese university and i did the same thing myself, i studied at peking university beijing language and culture university and more, recently i did the MBA boot camp program at china europe international business school, i didn’t do an MBA but i wish i did do an MBA ,it would have helped me to learn so much in a much shorter period of time also it’s very helpful instead of making mistakes you can learn everything, in advance there are three reasons why studying at chinese university can help to fast track your success in china.

How to Succeed in China as a Foreigner

The first is it’s an environment where you can spend your time to learn chinese, secondly you can make connections with alumni and thirdly it’s also very good to understand china much more deeply and spend some time to understand china, it can also help you if you’ve studied at the university to get a job in china because is the way of relationships and building connections with other people and it’s very important in business in china when you’re studying in university you will be able to get access to this huge network of alumni and fellow students and you can learn from them build connections that will be very helpful for your future i studied at peking university and this was so helpful for me to build the connections and i’m still in contact with many people who have studied with it’s also very helpful when you meet new people who may have studied at that university and they can, it can really help the relationship it’s very helpful if you want to find a job, if you want any advice or any help it’s such a good way to make connections and build that relationship network in china which is very hard and most foreigners do not have that before they come it also gives you a time where you can find opportunities within this network, if you want to understand china there’s basically two ways you can do it :

One is you can learn from your own experience, the second is you can learn from other people’s experience, the second one is much faster if you are on an MBA program, you will be able to learn so much information in such a short period of time it will give you basically the toolkit that you need to succeed in china and it does it in a very good way which is using case studies and theory and putting it into practice.

Now i knew what a case study was, but before i was actually on the MBA bootcamp program, i didn’t really understand it for myself and i saw how useful this could be in learning how to succeed in a business environment in a case study, you will look at a specific scenario in a business where you will be in a group with your peers and you will discuss this scenario for example hiring someone or in a strategy situation in a business school you will go through all of these different scenarios and it means you can learn so much faster than if you’re doing it yourself, so when you go out into the real world you’ll look at all of these different problems and you have this huge arsenal of different scenarios that you’ve discussed refined with other people and you can use this skill set to apply to business and that’s why it can be so powerful it’s not just learning theory it’s applying it in practice and that’s why it’s so valuable.

Learning chinese is so important in china because it can help you to communicate with chinese people and it’s also a way that you can understand the culture much more deeply. It’s very smart if you can spend some time to learn chinese at the start of your career or if you want to engage in business in china, it would be so helpful when you’re communicating with chinese people they will feel flattered that you can speak the language and it shows that you’re serious about china and communicating with china and they really like that in china, they really appreciate that they will also give you a lot of encouragement.
Many people will say wow !! your chinese is so good after you just say nihao or some basic comment and actually there’s a saying that when you stop receiving these comments saying wow you’re chinese is really good and people start just replying normally that’s when your chinese is really really good.
Many of the opportunities in china will come from random discussions that you will have in chinese that’s why it’s so helpful to be able to speak chinese and it can give you huge opportunities in jobs or business deals if you can speak some chinese and there’s many companies who will look at your chinese level before hiring you. If you can also speak chinese it will definitely help you to get a work visa when you apply for a work visa, some companies also have this requirement for a certain hsk level what programs and what universities can you study that will give you this huge advantage there are so many programs in china in english and you can also study chinese programs.

I’m going to introduce some of the MBA programs but before you think ah an MBA is really expensive, i don’t know if i want to spend my money to do an MBA, the cost of studying an MBA is much cheaper than in the west and there are also a lot of scholarships, so what are the best MBA programs in china ?
I’m going to start with beijing there are four different MBA programs that are really high ranked :
peking university has two guanghua school of management and bimba programme by the national school of development which also has a part-time mba program, and a full-time mba program tsinghua university has the mit global MBA ckgsb cheung kong graduate school of business, and in shanghai we have full fudan university MBA they also have a MBA program you don’t need to have finance background to apply shanghai jiaotong university has antai MBA programme and china europe international business school in shanghai you can also look at zhejiang university international business school these are all of top ranked universities .