China Admissions Update for 2021 : Why Study In China ?

Today we gonna talk about the admissions update for the september 2021 for chinese university so there will be a questions/Answers session as well at the end of this presentation, and if you have any questions later feel free to just write it down i’ll cover all of the questions.

I hope this presentation is useful for everyone especially for those of you who are considering to study in china in the upcoming 2021 or maybe in the later intake as well right ? so first of all i’d like to introduce myself first so for those of you who haven’t met me online or maybe met me in the real life as well so, my name is jack christopher i came from united state originally but now i’m based in beijing working together with china admissions as intern and i used to be a an international student myself here in china i was studying in university of international business and economics in beijing but that was like a long time ago but four years ago i was getting my master’s degree from this university in beijing so i was studying masters of world economics at that time from 2017 to 2019, after that i graduated and then i joined china missions to help more international students to be able to successfully come and study in china, so i think that’s all about me pretty much well i have like overall i have a pretty good experiences studying in china and also living in china as well and that’s why i continue live in china and work in china and yeah and then this is a little bit about those of you who are still probably confused or anything about transmissions so transmissions is an award-winning platform for international students to apply to chinese universities

By reading this article we are able to help you apply to chinese universities and then these are basically the agenda for today’s presentation so the first one is about the admissions update for 2021 and then the application process and then the tips and tricks, scholarships information and there is also the frequently asked questions or all the things you know basically about your applications to chinese universities and again if you have any questions anything at all just write it down and i’ll and i’ll cover it so next is about the first things, first like why study in china because i know a lot of you are like probably you’re considering to just study abroad so it’s not just china generally but like also to other countries but there are like about seven eight reasons here that i can share with you about why you should be studying in china and not other countries.

First one is definitely to learn chinese language so as everybody knows chinese language is the most spoken language in the world and then secondly it’s china is basically a popular destination for international students there are about 500 000 international students who are studying with chinese universities at the moment so in a way if you come to china you’re not only going to meet chinese people but you’ll also be able to meet with international people as well you meet friends from like other countries as well, not just from china and it’s not just from the neighboring countries like japan or korea it’s much more beyond that you’ll get to meet people from even farther away from china like people from australia from new zealand from the south america they’re like so far away from china but you get to meet them here in china and you can meet people from southeast asia from other asian countries from europe or u.s, literally from anywhere i mean based on my own experiences when i was studying my master’s program i was even the only indonesian around in my class so my other classmates came from different parts of the world i have classmates from russia, from mongolia from thailand, from la from bangladesh, from tajikistan as well so kazakhstan as well so i have people i know friends from you know like literally from various different backgrounds and countries and i think that’s also a key thing of like why you should be coming to china right now because everybody is literally eyeing and then coming to china for study

The next reason is because chinese universities is the university with high reputation so their reputation and rankings is increasing over the years and they are also being able to compete with the other universities like the other international universities those who are from other developed countries as well so chinese universities are able to compete with them head to head right now because of their increasing reputation and ranking and as you can see here in the recent years there are a lot more chinese universities that are included in the list of the world university ranking so for example there is let’s say packing university suzyan university of fudan university, nanjing university, shanghai chow tong university and a lot more other universities are now being able to compete in a global scale as well and another reason why you should consider studying in china is because studying in china is relatively affordable so the tuition fee is actually much cheaper compared to if you go other places for study and for the tuition fee itself or the non-degree chinese language program it is usually starts from a thousand dollars per semester and then for degree programs like bachelor’s master or phd that’s actually various depends on the programs and also depends on the university you’re going to apply for but roughly you can spend about two thousand dollars to like thirteen thousand dollars per year for the tuition fee only and that depends also on the university and then for the accommodation and also living expenses that’s roughly going to be about 300 us dollar up to 300 us dollar for like the accommodation expenses only if you choose to stay off campus but it could be cheaper it is just to stay like on the dormitories and on campus and then for the living expenses a total roughly that’s gonna be another three to 500 us dollar per month that depends on where you live especially, if you go study in beijing or shanghai then expect that the expenses would be higher because the cost for like food for example is higher in beijing in shanghai compared to like other cities in china but for like other second-tier cities in china it’s gonna be affordable to live there.