Canada Immigration : French Is Now Important For Canada Immigration

Canada Immigration : French Is Now Important For Canada Immigration
Canada Immigration : French Is Now Important For Canada Immigration

Today we are going to talk about the french immigration that’s because of the latest increase to the points for people who are bilingual people who know french they will now start getting 50 points, if you’re bilingual and if you have a b2 in the test the evaluation for exam, so if you have created your express entry profile and you’re a bilingual person and you’ve gotten a b2 you have a better chance of getting more scores. Now and i talked about it in my last article, i said i was going to go into details including talking about quebec immigration in this particular article so for those who don’t know you now need to add french to actually boost your scores so it is very important that you start learning french yeah, if you know that you’re determined to come into canada it is very important you start learning french and learn french the point where you take the exams you get a b2 in the exams and then you’ll be eligible for different provincial nominations, so i’ll be talking about the provincial nominations that you would be eligible for if you are bilingual:

Number one is ontario and ontario they have no restriction when it comes to choosing people from the express entry pool especially those who are bilingual so what you do is you choose french as your primary language and then english as a secondary language as long as the french is a b2 when i mean a b2 you have a b2 on all four factors b2 in speaking, reading, listening and writing, on all four factors it is best for you to choose french as your primary language for you to get a provincial nomination from ontario and ontario actually have been giving provincial nomination to people who have a comprehensive ranking score as low as 440 and 450. in fact last year they gave to people who had comprehensive rank score of 330 it was that low because they were bilingual so that’s one thing for ontario if you’re targeting ontario to get a provincial nomination i’ve already explained it before put your primary language as french and then you get a provincial nomination from ontario ,they are not restrictive when it comes to the occupations or the knocks they just choose everybody as long as they’ve chosen french as a primary language for those who are already the express entry pool so that’s number one province number two province is new brunswick.

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New brunswick has a french pathway that is strictly for people who are bilingual and you just have to create your profile on their web page and also indicate it in your express entry profile that you’re bilingual once you do that they select you from the express entry point and give you a provincial nomination so that’s number two for new brunswick number. Three is manitoba, so manitoba from time to time opens a pathway for bilingual people to come to canada for an exploratory visit first and after that they’ll have to do an interview and then give them a nomination so that is it for manitoba once they publish the time they open for francophone people, so once they announce it this year i’ll let you know i don’t know maybe if they’ll announce it or because of kovitch manitoba has been funny since last year, so that is it for manitoba, then the fourth province that i know gives provincial nomination to french speaking people is nova scotia, they selected bilingual nurses from the express entry pool and give them provincial nominations so these are the four prophecies that give you provincial nominations, then the fifth one i want to talk about is a major one which is quebec .

Quebec is also a province in canada and their immigration pathway is actually very different from the other pathway so what you need to know is they have the arima poctile where you have to create your profile and then they do some selection draws, once in a while depending on the criteria they set for the draw so recently they announced three permanent immigration pilots that will start in 2021 and end in 2026. the pilot is for food processing workers, nurse aides information, technology professionals that are good in artificial intelligence and some other IT professions, i’ll list the blood codes so that you see the knockouts that are eligible for this permanent pathway so if you’re bilingual, you can create the arima portal but what they are concentrating on is actually people who have permanent job offers and are currently working in quebec, those are the ones they’re actually giving nominations to and also to immigrate under the quebec immigration pathway so like i mentioned, the pathway is actually different from the other part of canada immigration and i would leave the point assessment where you have to look at the point assessments to assess yourself if you were able to get enough points they place major emphasis on people who are bilingual if you can speak french very well and you can write in french very well they give you more points compared to the english language so they lay more emphasis on french, so once you see the point assessment grid you should assess yourself if you’ll be able to pass through the arima pocta.

They also introduced a new option for employers to actually select people from the arima portal and give them job offers, there’s also something i need to mention as well for the french speaking people so if you’re a bilingual person you have an opportunity of getting a job offer without needing a labor market impact assessment to work in canada and what you do is you have to search for any job that is suitable for you apply to the job and just stay positive you could get an invitation to attend an interview and then from there they will be processing your work permits to come and start working in canada without necessarily needing a labor market impact assessment as long as the job offer is anywhere within canada. Besides you know quebec has their own immigration pathway which i just recently talked about another thing about being like bilingual also is that you earn more money compared to somebody who is not bilingual.

I almost forgot this aspect of the three permanent immigration pathway that was introduced by the quebec government and that it has to do with the occupation that falls under artificial intelligence and information technology so they have a sub component where english applicants can also apply, so if you’re a non-french speaking person and you got a job offer in quebec, you can also apply for that immigration pathway as well so what you’re supposed to do is actually to start searching for jobs as long as you’re an information technology person and your knock code is found on that list what you can do is start searching for a job so that’s the good part of it they are not so strict in this aspect when it comes to information technology they relax the rules they also mentioned they’ll be giving 138 selection certificates to french speakers and then 107 selection certificates to non-french speakers, so if you want to be among the 137 non-french speakers, if you’re an english person and you’re an information technology professional the best thing you should do is to start searching for a job especially if you know that your knuckle code is among the code listed for the occupations that are eligible under that immigration pathway so this is the information i want to share i also would like to let you know that for quebec if you have to immigrate under quebec, it is best to seek the advice of a regulated immigration consultant who is regulated in quebec because their regulation is also different and yeah seek the advice of that person before you put in your application because quebec is quite quite very tricky i don’t want you to go ahead and do it yourself and then you start having issues along the way, you can do it yourself if you want but i would recommend you seek the advice of a regulated canadian immigration consultant that is regulated to work in quebec okay! so for those who want to apply under the food processing and not aid pathways the only thing you can do is to start searching for a job but you have to be bilingual brcause if you are not a bilingual person and you are searching for a job, it’s very difficult because they are looking for people who can’t speak french not people who can only speak english so it’s an opportunity for you to start learning french, there’s no harm in trying to learn french if you know that this is the only way you can get into canada maybe through a job search and through a job offer.