Canada Immigration: 2 Reasons NOT to Study in Canada

moving to canada
moving to canada

The fisrt point over here and that is weather, now we all know how the weather can be in canada it’s not really a new thing and you will say hey look i already know the weather can be very very low and can really get cold over there and i’m prepared for that, now this person actually made me rethink that they said look the weather can be as low as -30 degrees celsius at times now that’s extremely low at that point of time things become very very slow, no one really likes to move out of the house right, and life is very very different in such temperatures okay, so you know most people prefer working from home as well, and at the same time you can’t really go out so you can get depressed.

Now these are just the indirect side effects of having this kind of a weather deal with but they also say that it can be also very very dangerous, well he said that in this scenario this person’s car had died when he was trying to move from point a to point b and apparently, it is very very dangerous because when you are in such a situation you are in the middle of the road and it’s really the visibility is very low, it’s so cold well what if a car comes in and hits them it’s their car you will probably die of the cold before you die of any injuries, that’s what this person said if you’re not really prepared that is if you’re not prepared to deal with that amount of cold so yes i think in some way minus 30 degrees is actually a little bit too much for me, and i think that’s something that you should know before you move to canada, if you are prepared to deal with that congratulations and you are okay with that, that’s good.

We’ll move on to the second point, and the second point this person talks about is and this is the one that disappointed me the most as well but i did my research and i think this is like my my worst point, personally i think i don’t like this at all and that is free health care, think again because see first off, you’re paying high taxes and on top of that see there’s free health care that means doctors are treating patients for free, now every doctor is limited to the number of patients they can see okay, so a doctor cannot see unlimited number of patients they are going to be limited if there’s no slots available with a particular doctor well of course you’re gonna have to go ahead and you’re gonna have to check with a new doctor maybe some other doctor who is accepting new patients right, that’s what you have to find for yourself first okay, and guess what you may even need referrals someone may have to refer you if you’re going to a specialized doctor you may need referrals that.

Canada Immigration

Hey look this person is my family or this person is someone i know please see him, i do not understand how that works out healthcare is a basic human need why do you have to have referrals to see specialized doctors, it doesn’t make sense to me so basically what they essentially said was that finding a new doctor, finding a doctor accepting new patients, sorry is very very difficult it’s a hard task and at the same time sometimes you may have to travel miles and miles away just to see this new doctor and another bad thing to add on top of that is that most doctors would be working nine to five unlike other countries where doctors are available almost any time you go to a hospital, well nine to five means that you have to take a holiday first from your job right , you have to take a holiday, take an off day and then you go to the doctor and if you have to go see a specialized doctor you have to take another day off so these things i did not really find them very well when you’re charging for the free health when you’re basically paying so much taxes, apparently you’re paying for the health care in one way or the other then you should be given at least some sort of priority, but that’s not the case unfortunately so that’s one more point and we’ll move on to the point number five over here which also i think is important to mention over here it’s for the people who are thinking of saying long term in canada they may want to own their own houses or they may be paying higher rents over there, because the truth is that the canadian system, the canadian housing system is getting very very expensive every single year the mortgages, the amount of the amount of mortgage that the owners have to pay is increasing so basically the property costs are rising on top of that the rents are also rising because of that, so i think these are some of the things just some of the things that really i think you should know before moving to canada now there’s a lot of pros for of moving to canada and i know a lot of people a lot of my friends also who are in canada right now who are very very happy with their new life that they have built in canada but i will not say that you should overlook these facts okay but at the same time don’t be discouraged if canada is the country for you there’s a lot of pros as well, and i will be discussing them in another post thank you so much for watching this one let me know your views what you think about the whole canadian immigration system and whether you think it is feasible to stay in canada even after knowing these points of course you will have to take into account the factor that your family may not be with you.