9 Essential Health Exams Before the Age of 50

7-breast cancer screening

A woman taking a breast cancer screening

Women who detect breast cancer at its first stage, have higher chances of surviving it, that’s why doctors advise women to start doing this test when they turn over 50, since it can be risky and life threatening. The test should be done every three years, to keep on detecting any signs of the cancer.
Mammograms is basically an x-ray picture taken of each breast, by placing the breast on the x ray machine and compress it gently with a clear plate, it is an uncomfortable sensation, however it only lasts few seconds.


A woman taking a cervical screening

Cervical screening is a test that helps to detect any changes in women’s cervix that might develop into cancer over time; it is a test for preventing cancer not detecting cancer.
It is done by inserting an instrument (speculum) inside the vagina to open it and make it easier to use a small brush to sweep around the cervix, it is indeed an uncomfortable process but not painful.
This test if for all women with age between 25 and 65, the cervical screening should be done every 3 to 5 years.
If the test comes out with abnormal changes, you need to go see a specialist to do further investigation and look for treatment.

5-cholesterol blood test

Cholesterol is a type of waxy substance we find in our body and blood, it is needed for building healthy cells, but high level of cholesterol might lead to fat deposits in the blood’s vessels, when the deposits grow, they make it difficult for blood flowing through the arteries and that might cause heart diseases or stroke.
High Cholesterol doesn’t have any symptoms, which means having your cholesterol level measured is the only way to know if you have it. It can be treated by lifestyle changes, such as exercising and adopting a healthier diet, or can be also treated by medication in severe cases.

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