9 Essential Health Exams Before the Age of 50

As people get older, they worry about their health more as they spot changes in their body and are no longer healthier as they used to be.
Doing a physical exam after you turn 50 is the perfect way to help yourself remaining in shape and prevent any kind of health problem at its early stage, so it can be easier to treat. It will be perfect if you adopt doing medical exams once a year, and discuss any concern that you have with your doctor.
Here are the most recommended test you should go for when you turn over 50:


A human arm with high blood pressure and high cholesterol

Blood pressure is the force that our heart use to pump blood into the arteries, whenever it beats, the blood exerts on our arteries’ walls. If we don’t check our blood pressure at early age, it can lead to several problems such as a stroke or kidney or heart diseases. What’s good is that it can be treated.
You should keep in mind that high blood pressure doesn’t have symptoms, so a regular checkup will be perfect to know if you do have it or not. When you go to do the medical test, the nurse will put your arm inside a rubber cuff and it inflated until you feel tightness around your arm.
If the doctor finds your blood pressure to be high after several times doing the test, he will make sure to do a blood test to check if the kidneys are functioning as they should and if there is any risk of developing diabetes.
High blood pressure can be treated by lifestyle changes or some prescribed medication in some cases.


bowel cancer screening

Bowel cancer screening is a test that helps to detect any problems such as polyps that might turn into a cancer with time, this test is for people with no symptoms of cancer so it can be detected at early age and be treated. It is a deadly cancer, that’s why it is very important to detect it earlier so you have more chance of surviving it.
You will receive a kit through your post asking participants to collect stool samples on several days, and then send it to be analyzed in the laboratory to look for any traces of blood, if there are any, you will have to do the test again and do a bowel examination in order to be sure if it is bowel cancer. It is offered to men and women over 60 every 2 years.

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