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Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands is inviting applicants to apply for a PhD position in accounting. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible.

Are your interested in a fulltime, four year PhD student position at the project Estimating noise indicators with machine learning techniques at the Eindhoven University of Technology? We are looking for candidates with strong interest & skills in acoustics modelling techniques and data processing.

This project is part of the H2020 Equallife project (that starts in January 2020), which will develop and test combined exposure data using a novel approach to multi-modal exposures and their impact on children's mental health and development. A combination of birth-cohort data with new sources of data, will provide insight into aspects of physical and social exposures hitherto untapped. It will do this at different scale levels and timeframes, while accounting for the distribution of exposures in social groups based on gender, ethnicity, social vulnerability.

A part of Equallife is the quantification of exposure to noise during the life of children. As the project makes use of existing data of children that have been monitored over years, the quantification of noise exposure needs to be done in the past, for which we lack data to do detailed noise calculations.

The aim of this project to develop a method for computing noise indicators for noise outdoors as well as indoors, for scenarios where too little data is at hand for making high detailed predictions.

- Collecting measurement data, and generating new data regarding noise exposure outdoors and indoors.

- Development of a prediction method based on machine learning techniques for targeted noise indicators, which will in contrast to the traditional noise indicators have more temporal information. Results will be compared to exposures obtained via more classical modelling approaches.

- Exploring and utilizing sensor networks of smart city initiatives to obtain indicators and to connect to the above modelling approach.

The research in Equallife is a collaborative effort. The research in this PhD project will be characterized by a strong collaboration with Ghent University (prof. Botteldooren and prof. van Renterghem).

TheBuilding Acoustics research group is a lively group currently consisting of 15researchers (https://maartenhornikx. net/researchers), all working on a researchtopic of acoustics in the built environment. The group has a focusondeveloping computational acoustics methods for the built environment.

If you have questions about the content of this positon, please contact Dr. Maarten Hornikx,e-mail: M.C.J.Hornikx[at]

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Project starting date: As soon as possible

Deadline: As soon as possible
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