PhD Position Madein4 at Eindhoven University of Technology

A new opening PhD position in semiconductors is available at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. This position is open until filled.

PhD position on deep learning on the topic of disentanglement of latent factors in high dimensional (sequential) data, for the simulation, analysis and design of complex physical and reliable industrial systems.

Deep neural network models of high dimensional data in a supervised learning setting can reach very high performance. Nevertheless, their applicability is still challenged by a number of drawbacks; their behavior is hard to interpret, it is hard to provide strong guarantees of generalization, it is hard to incorporate existing domain knowledge in their training process, and it is hard to apply in real contexts where data is noisy, corrupted or violating the i.i.d assumption.

Several topics related to these challenges are of specific interest for this PhD position.

As part of your application portfolio, you are highly encouraged to submit a research statement on one of the listed topics or a topic that you believe will address the challenges stated above.

This positionis funded by the MADEin4 European project targetting the design and validation of data driven methods and tools for metrology in semiconductor industry. The project is joined by ca. 40 industrial and academic partners from Europe.

Questions about this position should be addressed to: dr.V. Menkovski (v.menkovski[at] or dr. M. Holenderski (m.holenderski[at]

If you are interested, we invite you to apply as soon as possible by using the 'apply now' button. Please upload including all the required documents (max. 10 MB).

We will start considering applications and interviewing immediately upon receiving an application.

Applications submitted by e-mail will not be considered.

Deadline: As soon as possible
Apply Link:

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