PhD Vacancy Field Study on Experimental New Technologies in Logistic Warehouses

Eindhoven University of Technology is offering PhD position in human resources. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible.

The Human Performance Management group focuses its research and education on the optimization of the role of human resources in operational and business processes of performance. In other words, how should we (re-)design work, processes and organizations to obtain a high performance organization in which employees could work with high motivation, creativity and pleasure? In this respect, we assume that the best fit between humans and work is achieved when both the human side and work side are integrally (re-)designed and (re-)developed to improve performance. The HPM Group teaches courses at the undergraduate, graduate and PhD levels.

The logistics sector provides substantial revenue and employment, making it essential for the Dutch economy. Modern warehouses are at the center of the logistics network. Though innovative technologies are currently being developed, they disseminate only slowly in logistic practice. As a consequence, warehouse employees lack the opportunity to gain experience in working with these new technologies. Furthermore, schools for vocational education that train potential future warehouse employees lag behind in preparing their students to work in a highly digitalized/robotized environment. So, skills and abilities of logistic employees and vocational students does not keep pace with technological progress. Therefore, the sector needs innovations in the way warehouses are being used and made profitable by companies as well as in logistics education.

The SHAREHOUSE Living Lab has been designed to tackle these challenges. Rather than disrupting their operations by experimenting with new technologies, it allows logistic companies to gain experience with these technologies in the educational warehouse environment of the STC Waalhaven in Rotterdam. Students of different educational levels and logistic professionals of warehouse companies will test and evaluate innovations in a controlled (experimental) fashion, allowing researchers to offer evidence-based solutions for the challenges logistic companies are currently confronted with. An important boundary condition is the specification of ethical guidelines for the deployment of experimental workplaces functioning as living labs.

The objectives of the current PhD project are: (1) to empirically study the effects of new technologies on vocational logistic students' and logistic warehouse employees' experience of their work by means of small scale (quasi-)experiments in the SHAREHOUSE Living Lab Environment, and (2) to specify general ethical guidelines applicable to the context of living labs with experimental technologies based on literature review and conceptual analysis.

The PhD-student will benefit from collaborating in the multidisciplinary SHAREHOUSE consortium consisting of academic and public/private sector partners.

As successful applicant, you will perform the research project outlined above resulting in a PhD thesis containing several academic journal papers. A small amount of teaching is part of the job too.

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