Jads PhD Position on AI and Data Engineering for Privacy

Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands has an opening PhD position in social sciences. Applications will be evaluated on a continuous basis.

Privacy by design is a major challenge for the telecommunication industry. The goal of the project is to realize privacy by design by means of AI for the telecommunications domain. Currently, KPN has access to valuable data sources that cannot be used because of privacy requirements. In the project AI-based anonymization methods will be developed that remove any privacy-sensitive information.

Furthermore, KPN has an unknown number of contextual conditions and constraints that need to be taken into consideration when anonymizing the data, not only restricted to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Authority Privacy (AP) in the Netherlands. Since KPN has millions of customers and many potential events to use, scalability of data anonymization becomes extremely challenging due to the dataset size and data complexity. It is key for KPN insight- and value-generating activities that KPN investigates anonymization techniques which are (1) as generic as possible and (2) as applicable as possible for multiple use cases under the above restrictions. To provide feasibility analysis, the research in question will start from experimental techniques in more limited scenarios, e.g., chat data.

KPN is one of the forefront runners in following the privacy-by-design paradigm. However, there are a number of use cases where the KPN private-by-design processes can be improved in a data-driven, machine-supported, and experiment-based fashion. Currently, lack of proper anonymization prevents KPN from executing these use cases.


The research will be conducted under supervision of prof. W. J. van den Heuvel and co-promotor dr. D. Tamburri.

Participate in activities of the group, mainly in ‘s-Hertogenbosch but sometimes at KPN the commercial partner.

The PhD student will be employed at Tilburg University.

We offer: The Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) constitutes a unique concept in which an integrated approach to Data Science is created by combining the exact sciences of the Eindhoven University of Technology, with the social sciences of Tilburg University. JADS boasts three campuses at Tilburg, Eindhoven and Den Bosch. JADS Campus iDen Bosch revolves around research, education and valorisation on data entrepreneurship.

For more information about the project and extended project information can be provided on request. Please contact prof. W. J. van den Heuvel you are asked to provide a motivation letter, a detailed CV, proof of English proficiency (TOEFL/IETS) The deadline for submitting your application is October 7.Starting date of this position is as soon as possible, but preferably byNovember 1.

Deadline: As soon as possible
Apply Link:http://tinyurl.com/y4t2ozpv

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