Associate Professor in Digital Learning Technology for Mathematics and Statistics

Technical University of Denmark is offering professor position in computer science. The initial contract for this position is 5 years. Applications should be sent before October 08, 2019.

Center for Digital Learning Technology, learnT DTU – placed in DTU Compute's Section for Statistics and Data Analysis – invites applications for an appointment as an Associate Professor within Digital Learning Technology for Mathematics and Statistics. The position is permanent and is available from December 1, 2020 or according to mutual agreement. You can read more about learnT here

learnT was initiated 2.5 years ago and is dedicated to both using statistics for making learning better and for developing new digital learning technologies within the teaching and research areas of DTU, with particular focus on Mathematics and Statistics. The center is placed in the section for Statistics and Data Analysis which is dedicated to methodological development and applied research within the field of statistics and data analysis. The vision of the Section for Statistics and Data Analysis is to constantly cover as broad a selection of competencies as possible to be able to engage broadly in collaborations within the strategic research areas of DTU and the need of the society. With our close connections to other DTU Compute research sections, the section stands as a dynamic and substantial player both locally and internationally. The aim of the new position is to expand the teaching and research in digital learning technologies for mathematics and statistics, with a particular focus on development and further enhancement of the digitalization strategies for DTUs large introductory courses in mathematics and statistics. The candidate is expected to take the lead on new initiatives and drive innovative solutions together with the other staff at DTU Compute. In learnT we are working with digital learning technology aimed at learning for everybody. We have focus on combining digital technology with what we can do between people in order to make learning efficient, deep and fun. Placed at DTU Compute (Dept. for Mathematics and Computer Science) it is a special and urgent task for learnT further to develop a close collaboration with the large, common introductory courses in mathematics and statistics. In addition to being indispensable service courses for all bachelor students, the courses have an essential role in the critical transition from high school to university. The teaching must be motivating and it must support the students in their study choices and in their ability to view the mathematical and statistical topics in the light of their chosen studies and their future work as engineers. learnT wants to analyse how digital learning technology can enhance these efforts on a broad scale from the use of advanced learning platforms, algebraic computer systems, interactive geometry and digital assessment an use the results to further development and design of digital methods and tools. To succeed we need a through pedagogical-didactical analysis of the mathematical and statistical competencies we want our students to obtain and effective qualitative and quantitative methods to decide how our innovations improve motivation and learning. Therefore, we are looking for you, who is dedicated to making better learning in mathematics and statistics by creating and using digital learning technology together with students and companies and by analysing the outcome of the related teaching innovations and experiments. You will have the possibility to actively take part in the promotion, development of and teaching and research in relation to the work in learnT, and you are expected to work closely with other sections at DTU Compute with teaching and research activities in mathematics and statistics. Your field of research could include e.g.: You will be invited to participate in one or more existing projects as well as actively applying for funding for new research projects of your own. You value visionary and meaningful communication and you are motivated by delivering engaging teaching at all levels: bachelor-, master- and PhD as well as continuing education. You like to see students grow and become innovative and curious engineers with good theoretical and practical skills. Our bachelor courses are taught in Danish, other courses in English. For international candidates, DTU can provide Danish language courses, with the purpose of being able to teach in Danish within the first two-three years. The section is strongly involved in the teaching of mathematics and statistics at an introductory level, in which you will be expected to take part.

Other tasks of the position include but are not limited to exchanging knowledge with society, including participation in the public debate, research management, guidance and supervision of assistant professors and researchers, and some academic assessment work. As an associate professor your tasks will include research, research-based teaching (with associated examination duties), scientific advice, and innovation. The distribution between the various tasks may vary and will be planned in collaboration with the head of learnT and the head of section. The qualification requirements for the post of associate professor correspond to the level that is achievable through employment as an assistant professor. You thrive in a knowledge sharing environment where cross functionality and cooperation between colleagues are highly valuated. Building relations within the department and with colleagues in other departments comes natural to you.

In the assessment of the candidates, consideration will be given to

Our department DTU Compute is an internationally unique academic environment spanning the science disciplines: mathematics, statistics and computer science. At the same time DTU Compute is an engineering department covering informatics and communication technologies (ICT) in their broadest sense. Finally, DTU Compute plays a major role in addressing the societal challenges of the digital society where ICT is a part of every industry, service, and human endeavor. DTU Compute plays a central role in education at all levels of the engineering programs at DTU – both in terms of our scientific disciplines and our didactic innovation. DTU is a technical university providing internationally leading research, education, innovation and scientific advice. Our staff of 6,000 advance science and technology to create innovative solutions that meet the demands of society, and our 11,200 students are being educated to address the technological challenges of the future. DTU is an independent university collaborating globally with business, industry, government and public agencies.
Deadline: October 08, 2019
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