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Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position to join Imperial College London, UK. The funding allows successful candidate to work for 18 months. The deadline to apply is September 29, 2019.

The Department of Chemical Engineering is seeking a Research Assistant/Associate to develop functional 'inks' for use in a 3D inkjet printer for fabricating electrodes, electrolyte, bipolar connectors and current collectors of solid oxide electrochemical reactors (SOERs).

The post holder will be responsible for producing the inks and their use in 3D printing functional SOER layers, including their subsequent sintering.

Formulate dispersions of functional nanoparticulate materials (e.g. yttrium-stabilised zirconia, lanthanum strontium manganite, NiO, Ag) in aqueous media, stable to aggregation with time;

Produce dispersions with properties (e.g. particle size, solids fraction, viscosity and surface tension) tailored for 3D inkjet printing;

Use the inks for successive printing and sintering of functional, mechanically stable and defect-free SOER layers with well-defined micro- and macro-geometries;

Interface with another PDRA responsible for characterising and modelling the performance of the 3D-printed SOERs.

Understanding of the physics and chemistry of, and experience in synthesising, colloidal dispersions is essential.

Knowledge and experience of 3D inkjet printing are desirable.

Theoretical knowledge and practical experience of electrochemical systems are preferable.

*Candidates who have not yet been officially awarded their PhD will be appointed as Research Assistant within the salary range 34,397 - 37,486 per annum.

The post is available from 01 Oct 2019 for 18 months in the first instance, and is based in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London (South Kensington Campus).

Informal enquiries about the post can be made to Prof. Geoff Kelsall (

To apply, please click the apply now button at the top of the page. Please ensure you include a completed application form with your submission.

Further information about the post is available in the job description.

Should you have any queries about the application process please contact

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Deadline: September 29, 2019
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