Postdoctoral Postdoc Position at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, USA is offering postdoctoral researcher position in molecular biology. Applications will be evaluated on a continuous basis.

Scientific Knowledge, Skills and Abilities - The position requires an understanding of genetic, genomic, biochemical, and cell biological methods needed to carry out an independent research project in a modern Drosophila laboratory, as well as the knowledge and ability to conduct independent scientific literature reviews regarding experimental methods, and the knowledge of the scientific principles needed to conduct a novel research project. Project Planning and Experimental Design - The position requires experience with modern approaches in genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and genomics, the ability to independently conduct experiments and procedures by following standard protocols, and to develop high-throughput procedures for the above. The ability to maintain appropriate documentation of research results, to recommend revisions to experimental methods based upon observations, and the ability to prepare research findings for publication is essential. Laboratory Management - The position requires an ability to help maintain laboratory resources including reagents, equipment and facilities, and to train others in laboratory techniques and the use of laboratory equipment. Independence and excellent interpersonal skills are essential. There will be minimal day to day supervision of the postdoc. General instructions on experiments to be performed will be provided, and the postdoc is expected to be familiar with experimental details. The postdoc will work as part of a team containing other postdoctoral research associates, graduate students, and other researchers, including undergraduate students. In certain situations, the postdoc will train these individuals in established protocols and in the protocols developed by the postdoc.

The physical effort involved in the position is the ability to move supplies and equipment (up to 20 pounds). In addition, the postdoc must be capable of repeated micropipetting and working at the lab bench for several hours at a time. Work Environment and Conditions: All research will be performed in lab space in the Genome Sciences Building. The postdoc is expected to work with organic chemicals (in the fume hood as required by lab safety standards). In addition, the postdoc must be able to work safely with low levels of radioactivity and with bacteria and yeast that contain recombinant DNA. Machines, Tools, Instruments, Equipment and Materials Used: The postdoc must be capable of safely and properly operating basic laboratory equipment including centrifuges, pH meters, analytical balances, micromanipulators, microscopes, spectrophotometers, electrophoresis chambers, water baths, autoclaves, freezers, refrigerators, and computers. The postdoc will assist in maintenance of this equipment, which may involve calling professional repair people, but minor repairs may be done by the fellow. Visual Attention, Mental Concentration and Manipulative Skills: This position is very demanding, requiring extreme attention to experimental details. The postdoc must design experiments and maintain the mental concentration required to perform these experiments successfully. In addition, the postdoc must be capable of performing multiple tasks at the same time, in particular by doing their own experiments and supervising others. The postdoc must be alert and well organized at all times. Together with the supervisor, the postdoc will have the responsibility for helping maintain a safe lab environment.
Deadline: As soon as possible
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