PhD Scholarship in Physics at Uppsala University

Uppsala University is delighted to offer a PhD position in astronomy. This position is available for five years. Candidates are welcome before August 30, 2019.

Uppsala University hereby declares a PhD student position, at the Department of Physics and Astronomy to be open for application. The PhD-studies will be focusing on ion beam-based materials research and its technological applications with preliminary starting date in October 2019.

The focus of the present PhD-project is twofold: The successful candidate is expected to further develop the capabilities of the set-up for medium-energy ion scattering, a unique instrument developed at the tandem laboratory. For this purpose, in particular fundamental investigations of ion-solid interactions as well as modifications of the hard- and software will have to be performed. In parallel, and based on the developments, the system should be also employed for applied studies in the field of quantitative and depth-resolved near-surface compositional and structural characterization. Complementary studies using equipment at the tandem accelerator and using the Low-Energy Ion Scattering tool can be part of the project.

The successful candidate should have a master of science in engineering physics/ physics or equivalent. Experiences in interdisciplinary materials science and modelling will be considered advantageous. The candidate should also have good communication skills and excellent study merits, and good skills in oral and written English.

Appointment as a graduate student requires that the holder is admitted or will be admitted to PhD studies, where applicant's ability to successfully complete the doctoral studies will be decisive. The PhD position is for four years, extendable to a maximum of five years including departmental duties at a level of at most 20 % (typically teaching). Information about doctoral education, eligibility requirements and admission rules can be found on the web site of the Faculty of Technology

The rules governing PhD-studies may be found (in Swedish) in Hgskolefrordningen Chapter 5-7 and in the University’s guidelines for research education,

Deadline: August 30, 2019
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