PhD Scholarship in Migration Ecology at Technical University of Denmark

Technical University of Denmark, Denmark is inviting excellent students to apply for a PhD position in biodiversity. Applications should be sent before October 01, 2019.

A PhD Scholarship in fish migration ecology is available at the National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua), Denmark, with starting date 15. October 2019. The scholarship is part of a larger Nordic collaborative project, MarGen_II, financed by the EU Interreg resund-Kattegat-Skagerrak Programme, the Danish Rod and Net License Funds and the National Institute of Aquatic Resources. The project will primarily be carried out at the Section for Freshwater fisheries and ecology situated in Silkeborg, Denmark. DTU Aqua is an institute at the Technical University of Denmark.

The section applies a range of advanced biotelemetry methods with the aim to gain knowledge on how to preserve and manage recreational fisheries as well as biodiversity conservation. Knowledge is achieved through research into the evolutionary processes responsible for generating and maintaining genetic diversity within and among populations of marine and freshwater fishes. Migration is a fundamental aspect of the life history of many animals. Migration in fish has often been regarded as an adaptive behaviour for increasing growth, survival, reproductive success, and hence overall fitness, but is notoriously difficult to study. This is especially true for a range of highly migratory species e.g. salmonids and tunas. However, new advanced methods in biotelemetry, physiology, genomics, chemical fingerprinting and combinations thereof provide unprecedented insights and resolution on migration. It will be the purpose of this PhD, using multiple fish species, to increase our understanding of how and why animals are distributed through time and space in the biologically highly productive marine and freshwater regions encompassing Skagerrak, Kattegat, resund and the North Sea region. Such basic ecological knowledge is an essential prerequisite for effective conservation and management of the fish stocks, also under changing environmental pressures. The successful candidate will be responsible for collecting, analysing and publishing large telemetry data sets and for coupling these datasets with information from population genetic analyses, physiology and chemical fingerprinting; thus strong analytical skills and interests are required. The candidate will also contribute to teaching at the Aquatic Science & Technology Masters programme at DTU Aqua and to the supervision of Bachelor and Master students. Candidates should have a two-year master’s degree (120 ECTS points) or a similar degree with an academic level equivalent to a two-year master’s degree. In addition, we are looking for candidates who have: Please submit your online application no later than 1 October 2019 (local time). Applications must be submitted as one PDF file containing all materials to be given consideration. To apply, please open the link “Apply online”, fill out the online application form, and attach all your materials in English in one PDF file

Deadline: October 01, 2019
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