PhD Scholarship in Engineering Encapsulation Technology for Animal Feed Manufacture

The University of Queensland, Australia is offering PhD position in nanotechnology. The funds for this fellowship are available for three years. Applicants should apply before September 23, 2019.

The University of Queensland’s Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) is a dynamic multi-disciplinary research institute dedicated to developing technology to alleviate societal problems in the areas of health, energy, manufacturing and environmental sustainability. AIBN brings together the skills of more than 450 world-class researchers complimented by an extensive suite of integrated facilities, working at the intersection of biology, chemistry, engineering and computer modelling. With a reputation for delivering translational science, AIBN conducts research at the forefront of emerging technologies, and has developed strong collaborations with leading members of industry, academia and government. AIBN goes beyond basic research to develop the growth of innovative industries for the benefit of the Queensland and Australian economies.

AIBN is committed to supporting the career growth of female researchers and have a number of initiatives to support females in developing and achieving a fulfilling research career at the institute. For more information, please visit our AIBN Women in Science web site at

The aim of this project is to develop new technologies for the manufacture of enzyme-based animal feed supplements based on microencapsulation The project will establish the links between microencapsulation process and the structure of the microparticles, enzymes’ activity, thermostability and their release kinetics. In this project, the candidate will work closely with the industry partner Bioproton Pty Ltd to establish a manufacturing platform to take biotechnology products from laboratory to animal feed industry applications.

Bioproton is Queensland based developer, manufacturer and exporter of advanced feed additives. Our main products are enzyme, probiotic feed additives and biosurfactants that improve live-stock feed digestion, resulting in an improved nutrient uptake form feed which in turn leads to a combination of healthier animals, lower environmental impact and reduced feed costs. With the ultimate outcome is that meat, eggs or milk are produced that is safe, higher quality and delivered at a lower costs to an ever-increasing number of consumers globally.

The 2019 Research Training Program (RTP) living allowance stipend rate is AUD$27,596 per annum (indexed annually), which is tax-free for three years with two possible extensions of up to 6 months each in approved circumstances (conditions apply).

Applications to be submitted via the process outlined on the PhD Scholarships page:

You should also contact Associate Professor Chun-Xia Zhao ( to discuss your suitability for this scholarship prior to submitting an application.

Deadline: September 23, 2019
Apply Link:

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