PhD in Chemistry with Specialization in Microbial Chemistry

Uppsala University has an opening PhD position in civil engineering. This position is closed on September 25, 2019.

The Department of Chemistry – ngstrm conducts research and education in the chemistry field. The department has more than 200 employees and has a turnover of 200 million SEK. At the department’s six programs, we conduct very successful research of a high international standard. We have a large number of externally funded research projects, often with international cooperation and we see continued good growth in our subject area. The department has education assignments in engineering and civil engineering programs and master’s programs. More information is available on our website. Research project and work duties: As a graduate student in Microbial Chemistry, you will be part of a research group that has the long-term goal of using advanced genetic engineering, systems biology and biochemistry to develop photosynthetic microorganisms converting solar energy and atmospheric carbon dioxide into chemicals and fuels in direct processes. The model system is cyanobacteria. Modifications and performance of the obtained engineered cells will be analyzed on gene, protein and metabolite level. Mathematical models might be used to gain an overall understanding of the metabolic flows of the cells. The potential of the modified cyanobacteria will be evaluated in photobioreactors. Interested in working both independent and in collaboration with students and researchers in above detailed project.

Deadline: September 25, 2019
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