Bioinformatics Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Michigan

A new postdoctoral researcher position in computational biology is available at University of Michigan. Applications will be evaluated on a continuous basis.

A postdoctoral position is immediately available in the laboratory of Professor Simon Hogan, Ph.D. within the University of Michigan Mary H. Weiser Food Allergy Center (MHWFAC) and Department of Pathology for candidates with a Ph.D. in computational biology and/or bioinformatics and biostatistics. Broadly, our research aims to understand the role of hematopoietic and non-hematopoietic cell transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms in regulation of food allergy and anaphylaxis. We are part of the Mary H Weiser Food Allergy Center, a world-leading and multi-disciplinary group committed to advancing our understanding of the immunopathophysiology of food allergy, and developing methods for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of food allergy.

The successful candidate will have a strong background in computational biology, bioinformatics or biostatistics and expertise in programming and high-throughput analysis of genomic and biological data. The position will involve utilizing computational and bioinformatics approaches to integrate large-scale ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, DNA methyl-seq and other large-scale epigenomic and chromatin analyses, including scRNA-seq and scATAC-seq data sets derived from human and mouse model systems to identify hematopoietic and non-hematopoietic cell transcriptional and epigenetic events in food allergy and anaphylaxis outcomes. A background in immunology and demonstrated ability to develop novel algorithms and software for the integrative analyses of various experimental genome-wide datasets and large-scale biological databases, and development of novel statistical methods would be advantageous but not a requirement.

Deadline: As soon as possible
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