Postdoc Artificial Intelligence for Ultrasound Imaging

Eindhoven University of Technology has an opening postdoctoral position in artificial intelligence. Successful candidate will have funding to work and study for five years in Netherlands. This position is open until filled.

Eindhoven University of Technology has the following vacancy: Artificial intelligence for ultrasound imaging Postdoctoral researcher 1.0 fte Vacancy: V50.4039 Department of Biomedical Engineering

The Department of Biomedical Engineering. There is an endless demand in modern healthcare for technologies to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of health problems. To meet this demand, TU/e has a strong focus on Health in its research and education programs and has a department devoted entirely to this socially vital area: Biomedical Engineering. Biomedical engineers improve human health by cross-disciplinary activities that integrate the engineering sciences with the biomedical sciences and clinical practice.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering presently consists of thirteen research groups, organized in 3 clusters and covers everything from regenerative engineering to biomedical image analysis to biomolecular engineering. With 58 (assistant, associate and full) professors, over 100 researchers and postdocs, 158 PhD candidates and circa 950 bachelor and master students, the Department of Biomedical Engineering provides high-quality academic education and cutting-edge research.

See herefor more information about the department, and here for more information about the current research programs.

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is ranked as one of the most innovative universities located in the heart of the high-tech industry in the Netherlands, the Brainport region. The unique positioning in one of Europe's leading tech regions also means excellent job opportunities for spouses. TU/e actively facilitates career opportunities for partners of successful candidates. Eindhoven is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands, and including suburbs, it has about 420,000 inhabitants. Our training and research programs are highly regarded, and we foster close relationships with companies, organizations, and research institutes in the Brainport region and beyond. Fundamental and applied research are equally valued here. The high rank of the TU/e is due to the impact of its scientific research and also to its scientific co-publications with industry. TU/e is a social and inspiring university with a vibrant culture. Surrounded by people who share your scientific ambitions, we translate our basic research into meaningful solutions. The TU/e currently has nine departments, with over 11,000 students in total.

Project description: The postdoctoral positions is part of a 4TU project 'PRECISION MEDICINE by integrating Multiscale Functional Imaging and Advanced Machine Learning', a collaboration between TU Delft, TU Twente and TU/e Eindhoven.

The research focus of the position will be on AI-based analysis of ultrasound and photoacoustic images. Novel functional imaging techniques provide valuable data in addition to pure geometrical imaging, which enhances accurate diagnosis/detection of tissue abnormalities and clinical decision support. Ultrasound functional imaging can quantify tissue properties, but often lacks robustness and accuracy. Advancements in functional imaging techniques to assess tissue morphology and vasculature can be achieved at both hardware (acquisition) and software level (signal/image processing). Deep learning techniques will be crucial to improve these acquisition and algorithm frameworks. Machine learning techniques will be used to combine these data with patient information and population data to provide clinicians with a patient-tailored, high precision diagnosis or treatment planning.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering has recently appointed an assistant professor on this project in the PULS/e lab, with whom the postdoctoral researcher will work closely.

The position is open and can be filled at any time, but no later than 1 January 2020.

The successful candidate will become a member of the Medical Image Analysis Group at the Department, headed by Prof. Josien Pluim. The group consists of around 20 enthusiastic researchers, working on both methodological and applied innovations. Research topics include image analysis, quantification and machine/deep learning for oncology, cardiology, neurology and histopathology, as well as high-field MR imaging and RF safety. The group has strong ties with the University Medical Center Utrecht (both in research and education) and with Philips NL, but also collaborates with other clinical institutes and industry.

TU/e aims to increase diversity among its employees and encourages applications from under-represented groups; in particular, female scientists are encouraged to apply.

The city of Eindhoven offers a relaxed, multicultural environment, high quality of life and many options for extra-curricular activities. The city has a mild climate, and it is well-connected by rail, air, and road links with major European cities. The city is at the heart of the Brainport region of Netherlands, a region with high growth, high innovation, and many permanent employment opportunities for expats. Candidates moving to the Netherlands from abroad may qualify for a tax incentive scheme, where 30% of your income is tax free for a (maximum) period of five years. Click for more information.

Only complete applications will be considered. Screening of applicants will start as soon as applications are received and will continue until the position has been filled.

Deadline: As soon as possible
Apply Link:

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