PhD in Quality of Life Research Validation of The Family Reported Outcome Measure

Cardiff University, UK is inviting excellent students to apply for a PhD position. The deadline for applying is August 09, 2019.

The Family Reported Outcome Measure (FROM-16), created by our team with a PhD student in 2009-2014, is the first generic questionnaire designed to measure the impact of any disease, across all medicine, on the quality of life (QoL) of family members or partners of patients with a health condition.

This is a major secondary burden of disease that has often been ignored. Being able to measure this burden allows researchers and clinicians to understand, develop and target appropriate management strategies. The measure therefore has the potential to be widely used in the future.

FROM-16 has been validated in studies in Germany and Thailand and is available for use in both languages. Studies using it are being planned in the USA and in Swansea, and its clinical use is being planned in Newport, South Wales. Its creation and initial validation have been of a high standard, but further validation is required to enhance its robustness and practical use for research and in clinical settings.

The proposed use of FROM-16 by a team in Swansea in studies across Wales and in clinical use in Newport is with agreement that the data collected may be shared with our proposed PhD student and used to support part of the PhD validation studies.

To validate aspects of FROM-16, including sensitivity to change, correlation with other measures, development of score interpretation bands and calculation of Minimal Important Difference (MID) in scores and creation of formulae to convert FROM-16 scores to QALYs, and provide evidence of FROM-16's ability to be used in various conditions across medicine.

The prime supervision is based at Cardiff University School of Medicine with Dr John Ingram, Professor Andrew Finlay and Dr Faraz Ali.Professor Sam Salek has been a key member of the quality of life research team for over 30 years: he now has a chair at the University of Hertfordshire but continues to live in Cardiff and co-operates closely with the Cardiff University team.

Deadline: August 09, 2019
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