Senior University Lecturer in Biochemistry at Lund University

Applications are invited for a lecturer position in environmental sciences to join Lund University. Applicants should apply before July 23, 2019.

The Faculty of Science conducts research and education within Biology, Astronomy, Physics, Geosciences, Chemistry, Mathematics and Environmental Sciences. The Faculty is organized into nine departments, gathered in the northern campus area. The Faculty has approximately 1500 students, 330 PhD students and 700 employees.

The Department of Chemistry has 20 divisions representing different science areas and these 20 divisions are divided into four centers: the Center for Molecular Protein Science (CMPS), the Center for Analysis and Synthesis (CAS), the Center for Applied Biosciences (CALS) and a Center comprised of the Divisions of Chemical Physics, Physical Chemistry and Theoretical Chemistry.

The Division of Biochemistry and Structural Biology belongs to CMPS and is one of the larger Divisions, with 11 research groups and 60 researchers, PhD students and postdocs.

Job description

The position entails research and teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Research will be conducted at least 50 % of full time. The work assignments of the position, as well as the relative proportions of research and teaching, may change over time.

It is expected that the Senior Lecturer contributes to the common activities at the Division of Biochemistry and Structural Biology. This includes course development, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as postgraduate courses. It is also expected that the Senior Lecturer is active in the seminars at the Division of Biochemistry and Structural Biology, in the different organs of the Department of Chemistry and the Faculty of Science at Lund University.

It is expected that the Senior Lecturer develops active research within the area of biochemistry. This also includes active work in applying for external funding and developing collaborations with researchers in other university units and other governmental organizations, involved in this type of research. It is expected that the recruited Senior Lecturer establishes an externally well-funded independent and internationally recognized research group within the field of biochemistry and that the recruited Senior Lecturer supervises the PhD students and postdocs in the research group.

It is expected that the Senior Lecturer is active in disseminating research results in biochemistry to high-school students and to the public at large and is attentive to the potential of their research results to lead to innovations and commercialization.


Those qualified for appointment as a Senior Lecturer are persons who have demonstrated teaching expertise and have been awarded a PhD or have the corresponding research competence or some other professional expertise of value to the subject matter of the post and the duties that it will involve (according to the Higher Education Ordinance chapter 4, section 4).

For this position the qualified applicants must have a doctorate within the field of biochemistry or a closely related area.

It is a requirement to have completed at least five weeks of training in higher education teaching and learning or acquired equivalent knowledge by other means. In certain cases, exceptions can be made from this requirement.

For academic staff at Lund University, the general qualification requirements are to be suited to and to have the general ability required to complete the duties of the post well.

Equal attention will be given to the assessment of teaching and research expertise.

When making the appointment, consideration will be given to the Lund University Appointment Rules.

It is expected that any non-Swedish speaking appointee within a three-year period will master the Swedish language well enough to be able to teach and to communicate with students and the university administration in Swedish.

Design and content of the application

We would recommend you to write your application in English, since it will be assessed by international experts. The application should be formulated according to the Faculty of Science's Instructions for applications for an academic position.

Deadline: July 23, 2019
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