PhD Studentship Novel Approaches to The Long Term Release of Biomacromolecules

The University of Nottingham, UK is inviting applicants to apply for a PhD position in pharmacy. Applications should be sent before July 31, 2019.

In collaboration with Warwick and Birmingham Universities, as well as with the Schools of Pharmacy and Physics at Nottingham, the Centre for Additive Manufacturing (CfAM) will continue a deeper exploration the area of multifunctional AM through the recently awarded EPSRC Programme Grant, Enabling Next Generation Additive Manufacturing.

The programme vision is to establish controlled next generation multifunctional AM and translate this to industry and researchers. Initially focussing on novel electronic and pharmaceutical/healthcare applications, the aim is to move beyond single material AM by exploiting the potential to deposit multiple materials contemporaneously for the delivery of spatially resolved function and structure in three dimensions.

The release of biopharmaceuticals is an established and growing route to the provision of treatment in a number of a chronic areas, including cardiovascular and metabolic illnesses such as diabetes. It is desirable to tailor these treatments and the delivery mechanism to the patient, and as a consequence we propose to investigate the use of additive manufacturing / 3D printing as a pathway to bespoke production. We will consider how we can use additive manufacturing to create implants and depots specifically to deliver biomacromolecules. This is challenging, since these molecules are large and often unstable, requiring the development of methodologies that facilitate controlled release whilst protecting the molecules during manufacture and prior to their elution in use.

Deadline: July 31, 2019
Apply Link: Please send your application via email.

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