PhD Scholarship Opportunity Sparc Hub at Monash University

Outstanding international students are invited to apply for a PhD scholarship at Monash University. Applications should be sent before June 21, 2019.

Job No.:593695

Location: Clayton campus

Employment type: Full-time

Duration:3 year fixed-term appointment with possible 6 month extension

Remuneration:Stipend can range from $27,872 to $32,000 per annum (tax free)

The ARC Smart Pavements Hub (SPARC) invites applications for a PhD-position in evaluating thermal responses of car-park pavement energy systems.

SPARC Hub, which is a partnership between Monash and 7 other Australian Universities and 20+ Industry Partners, is embarking on a range of exciting research projects, offering an unprecedented opportunity for recent graduates to establish their postgraduate career in various engineering fields. The Hub offers a coherent PhD and Masters by research program for high achieving passionate students and is committed to create an intellectually exhilarating and vibrant environment towards excellence.

Pavement energy systems offer a low-cost environmental friendly method of providing useful thermal energy to nearby buildings. These pavements can be used as a heat source/sink to assist in heating/cooling of built structures or energy use in infrastructures (lightning, etc.) via the use of a ground source heat pump. Heat transfer fluids such as water flow in pipes installed within the pavement without any significant modifications to its initial design. The additional temperature changes of the pavement resulting from the operation of the heat pump may lead to thermal changes in the pavement which may not be accounted for in the initial design. Accordingly, a thorough evaluation of thermal responses of the pavement under various operational conditions and recommendations for practice is required.

This project aims to establish baseline knowledge on the effects of key parameters of pavement energy systems on their thermal performances, which can later be used as a guide to develop field-scale installations. Targeted experimental studies and numerical simulations will be undertaken to evaluate the long-term thermal response of pavement systems under relevant parameters encountered in the field (i.e. mechanical loads imposed by cars on the pavement, variations in solar radiation, ground and atmospheric temperatures in Melbourne, soil moisture and strength variations, and different water temperatures flowing in the pipes arising from seasonal changes).

Deadline: June 21, 2019
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