Two PhD Positions on The Cheops Project in Twente and Eindhoven

A fully-funded PhD fellowship in computer science is available at Eindhoven University of Technology. Applicants should apply as soon as possible.

Two PhD positions on the ChEOPS project in Twente and Eindhoven (Netherlands): Verified Construction of Correct and Optimized Parallel Software

You will be working on the ChEOPS project, a collaborative project between the universities of Twente and Eindhoven, funded by the Open Technology Programme of the NWO Applied and Engineering Sciences (TTW) domain.

In the ChEOPS project, research is conducted to make the development and maintenance of software aimed at graphics processing units (GPUs) more insightful and effective in terms of functional correctness and performance. GPUs have an increasingly big impact on industry and academia, due to their great computational capabilities. However, in practice, one usually needs to have expert knowledge on GPU architectures to optimally gain advantage of those capabilities.

At the Eindhoven University of Technology, we work on modelling GPU applications using a Domain Specific Language (DSL), formally verifying the correctness of the models, and automatically generating GPU code. At the University of Twente, we work on the structured optimization of GPU code, while ensuring that functional correctness is preserved. Existing formal verification techniques, model checking and code verification, are combined to create, for the first time, a complete end-to-end development workflow for GPU applications.

Subproject 1 (Eindhoven):DSLs for the design of GPU applications. This subproject involves the functional verification of the resulting models, as well as model-to-code generation.

Subproject 2 (Twente): Building model-to-code generation and the verification of optimizations in the form of code-to-code transformations.

We expect the two PhD students to collaborate closely within the project. In addition, there will be ample interaction with the members of the Model Driven Engineering section in Eindhoven on the model-to-code generation, and with the team building the VerCors tool set for verification of concurrent software in Twente.

For more information about the concrete subprojects, please contact: Marieke Huisman: or Anton Wijs:

We are looking for two PhD students with aMSc degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science.

The candidates should be enthusiastic, and have a thorough theoretical background, a demonstrable interest in DSLs and model checking (subproject 1) or program verification (subproject 2) and knowledge about multithreaded programming (at least in Java/C/C++, experience with GPU programming is a plus).

We are looking for researchers with an independent mind who are willing to cooperate in our team. It is understood that he or she works on the topics listed above. Furthermore, we ask for good communicative and collaboration skills. Candidates should be prepared to prove their English language skills.

As a research outcome we expect publications, (prototype) tools, and a PhD thesis.

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Deadline: As soon as possible
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