Postdoctoral Postdoc Position at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is delighted to offer a postdoctoral fellowship position in evolutionary biology. There is no application deadline for this position.

The Cao Lab focuses on research in systems pharmacology and evolutionary cancer systems biology that will identify novel strategy to control cancer resistance to targeted therapy, particularly antibody-based targeted therapy.

- Quantitative pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics - Evolutionary biology and game theory - Molecular biology and protein engineering. We are a dynamic and interdisciplinary lab that integrates and applies the latest advances from immunology, systems pharmacology and biology, bioinformatics, protein engineering, molecular imaging to a diverse array of research projects. They are 1) dynamic metrics-based biomarkers to differentiate responders vs non-responders to immunotherapy; 2) systems pharmacology platforms for novel engineered biologics; 2) novel imaging probes for antibody-target interaction in physiologically relevant contexts; 3) evolutionary biology and game theory to develop adaptive therapy for cancer. Specific duties include performing research, developing research ideas, as well as writing manuscripts and grant proposals. Competitive candidates typically have at least several publications in reputable journals during their graduate training, and are adept at working in a problem-solving environment.
Deadline: As soon as possible
Apply Link:

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