PhD in Psychology Memory Networks Underlying Consolidation

Cardiff University, UK is inviting applicants to apply for a PhD position in physiology. Applicants should apply before May 01, 2019.

This project will combine in vivo electrophysiology, optogenetics, chemogenetics and behavioural paradigms, with a further option of using techniques such as in vivo calcium imaging and MR imaging.

A number of brain regions have been implicated in memory, specifically the medial temporal lobe (eg hippocampus), medial diencephalon (eg anterior thalamic nuclei and mammillary bodies), cingulate cortex (eg retrosplenial cortex) and midbrain nuclei (eg Gudden's tegmental nuclei).

However, the overwhelming majority of memory research is focused on just one of these areas, the hippocampus, often ignoring the critical contribution of complementary networks. While the hippocampus is unquestionably important for memory, there remains a longstanding need to understand how wider neural networks support memory. While we know areas such as the medial diencephalon and midbrain tegmentum are important for memory we still do not know why.

These structures are implicated in numerous neurological conditions that are associated with memory problems (e.g., Down syndrome, colloid cyst, sleep apnoea, Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, hypoxic-ischaemic encephalitis), highlighting a pressing need to better understand their function.

In our labs we are examining the contribution of these extended memory networks at different stages of spatial memory formation. We use a combination of complementary techniques in rodents to test multi-level models from the single-cell level to behaviour in rodents.

The project would be appropriate for those with a Neuroscience/Psychology background and/or candidates with a computational science background who have a strong interest in neuroscience.

Deadline: May 01, 2019
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