PhD Scholarship Position Entrepreneurial Education Contributing to Entrepreneurial Careers

A new PhD position in engineering education is available at Chalmers University of Technology. The funds for this position are available for five years. The deadline for applying is April 08, 2019.

The Department of Technology Management and Economics (TME) broadly researches the interaction between technology development, industrial systems, society, people and the environment. The research can be divided into three main research areas, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain & Operations Management and Sustainability & Society Studies. The department is organized in six divisions for research and teaching and one support function and it hosts four research centres and the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. Our research is linked to several of Chalmers’ Areas of Advance.

Information about the project

Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship has since 1997 trained students to pursue entrepreneurial careers both in startups and in more established business. The school has become the leading startup environment in Sweden. The current PhD project is centered around building and utilizing the rich data the school accesses from its alumni and comparing this data with data from entrepreneurship education partners as well as with engineering education in general. At focus is to better understand what type of entrepreneurial education that supports more entrepreneurial careers. The PhD project will help generate important knowledge around entrepreneurial education as well as around effects from entrepreneurship and innovation policy initiatives.

A focus in entrepreneurial education is around enabling entrepreneurial students to reflect upon their actions, intentions and identity-development as they engage into entrepreneurial projects that often aim at bringing about more sustainable innovation. Previous studies at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship indicate that the action-based education has strong impact on subsequent entrepreneurial careers. The current PhD project will together with senior faculty focus on the building of a more complete database allowing more systematic and hypothesis testing research.

- How can entrepreneurship education at technical universities contribute to entrepreneurial careers?

- What education and other entrepreneurial learning contribute to development of entrepreneurial identity and to the development of entrepreneurial careers?

Major responsibilities

As a PhD student, your major responsibility is to pursue doctoral studies in relation to a specific research aim. At large, PhD studies include a number of doctoral courses, literature reviews, designing research studies, collecting and analysing empirical data, and communicating the results of your research verbally and in writing, both in Swedish and in English. The exact focus of the work will be decided in interaction with the main supervisor.

As a Ph.D. student you take an active role in this research project in preparing for and collecting empirical data, contributing to the database, conducting analysis and presenting results. During the project, results will regularly be presented at seminars and international conferences. The position also includes administration and teaching responsibilities at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship corresponding to 20% of working time.

Full-time temporary employment.The position is limited to a maximum of five years. You will spend approximately 80% of this time on research and 20% on administration and teaching responsibilities. You will be inscribed into the postgraduate programme and the research school Technology Management and Economics.


To qualify as a PhD student,you should have a M.Sc. degree in engineering (or related fields, such as management, behavioural science or social science, corresponding to at least 240 higher education credits). We believe you are highly motivated, capable of independent work, have good writing skills, and can engage in collaborative work together with people both in business and academia. You also have a genuine interest in theory as well as in qualitative and quantitative methods. You must be fluent in both Swedish and English.

Chalmers offers a cultivating and inspiring working environment in the dynamic city ofGothenburg.

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Application procedure

The application should be marked with Ref 20190133 and written in English.

CV: (Please name the document: CV, Family name, Ref. number)


Other, for example previous employments or leadership qualifications and positions of trust.

Two references that we can contact.

Personal letter: (Please name the document as: Personal letter, Family name, Ref. number)

1-3 pages where you introduce yourself and present your qualifications.

Previous research fields and main research results.

Future goals and research focus.Are there any specific projects and research issues you are primarily interested in?

Copies of bachelor and/or master's thesis.

Attested copies and transcripts of completed education, grades and other certificates, eg. TOEFL test results.

Application deadline: 8 April, 2019

Karen Williams Middleton, Associate Professor,Division of Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Tomas Karlsson,Associate Professor,Division of Entrepreneurship and Strategy Mats Lundqvist, Professor,Division of Entrepreneurship and Strategy


Deadline: April 08, 2019
Apply Link:

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