PhD Depict at Eindhoven University of Technology

International students are invited for a PhD scholarship at Eindhoven University of Technology. Applicants should apply as soon as possible.

Research position on Deep packet intelligence for industrial control systems (DEPICT). This project aims at a new type of intelligent monitoring of Industrial IoT systems to create insight in the system and actionability; being able to act on present and future threats.

The high-level goal of DEPICT is to develop a new type of monitoring for Industrial IoT systems. Our final goal is to leverage and add intelligence to deep-packet inspection (DPI) tools to extract knowledge of an Industrial IoT network and build actionability, that is, the ability to act upon present (or future) threats, allowing for, (1) Corrective measures, facilitating early incident response by security analysts without a deep knowledge of the industrial processes, and control-room operators without deep knowledge on cyber-security, so they can take care of the first steps of the incident response, thereby greatly increasing the overall resilience of the system, and (2) Preventive measures, performing asset-threat mapping by leveraging deep-packet inspection of industrial networks.

DEPICT is carried out in cooperation of the University of Texas at Dallas.

Conversion to a PostDoc position may also be considered for suitable candidates.

For more information about the project, please contact dr. Jerry den Hartog (j.d.hartog [at]

For information about employment conditions please contact HR advisor TU/e, e-mail: pzwin [at]

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Deadline: As soon as possible
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