PhD Scholarship Position in Evolutionary Genetics at Uppsala University

Uppsala University, Sweden is inviting applicants to apply for a PhD position in evolutionary biology. Successful candidate will have funding to work and study for four years in Sweden. This position is closed on March 20, 2019.

The Evolutionary Biology Centre ( is one of the world's leading research institutions in evolutionary biology. It is part of Uppsala University, which has been ranked very high among all European Universities in the subject of evolutionary biology. Our lab is part of the Program of Evolutionary Biology that excels in many aspects of genetics and evolution and offers an inspiring international atmosphere. There are ample opportunities for interaction with PhD-students, PostDocs and researchers working on related topics. We are tightly linked to the Science for Life Laboratory ( and have access to advanced laboratory infrastructure, high performance computing resources and bioinformatics support.

Project description: Getting detailed understanding about both proximate and ultimate causes to formation of reproductive isolation between diverging lineages is one of the major challenges in evolutionary biology. In the research group, we use butterflies as model systems and combine experimental work with bioinformatic analyses to investigate the genetic underpinnings of barriers to gene flow and traits that may play a role in species recognition, mate choice and local adaptation. The project will mostly involve bioinformatic handling of large data sets. The main focus will be on understanding the role of sex-chromosomes in speciation and adaptation and investigating the evolutionary consequences of variation in recombination rate across populations with distinct karyotypes and between chromosomal regions. Depending on the personal interests and qualifications of the candidate, the project can also be extended to address other fundamental questions in molecular evolution. At a later stage, the candidate may also choose to participate in other ecological genomics projects that are currently developing in the lab. For any further questions, please visit the lab website ( or contact Niclas Backstrm (email:

Qualifications required: To be eligible for a PhD-student position the applicant must hold a master degree (or equivalent) in biology or a related field. Experience with handling of large data sets and bioinformatic analysis will be necessary to carry out the projects. Candidates must be able to express themselves fluently in spoken as well as written English.

Position: The graduate program covers four years of full-time study. The position can be combined with teaching or other duties at the department (maximum 20%), which prolongs the employment with the corresponding time. The salary will be set according to local agreements. Rules governing PhD candidates are set out in the Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 5, 1-7 and in Uppsala university’s rules and guidelines More information about postgraduate studies at Uppsala University is available at

Deadline: March 20, 2019
Apply Link:

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