PhD Scholarship in Chemical Physics Experimental X-ray Science of Amorphous Ice

Stockholm University, Sweden is inviting excellent students to apply for a PhD position in spectroscopy. Successful candidate will have funding to work and study for 4 years in Sweden. The deadline for applying is March 03, 2019.

The Department of Physics is located in the AlbaNova University Center and has approximately 240 employees, 250 students at undergraduate level and 90 graduate students. There are four research subjects within the postgraduate program: Physics, Theoretical Physics, Chemical Physics and Medical Radiation Physics. These subjects span over several research groups with different research activities. For information about the Department of Physics, see:

Water is the most important liquid for life on Earth. Although a water molecule is apparently simple, many anomalous properties of water are known, and still many questions about water on a molecular level puzzle researchers around the world. The XSOLAS group at Stockholm University has a fully funded PhD position available within the field of water- and ice research. The group of X-ray Science of Liquids and Surfaces, XSOLAS (, is located at the Department of Physics (Albanova) within the Institute of Chemical Physics. The group consists of several sub-groups whose activities are related to investigating the structure and dynamics of water in its glassy and supercooled states and in aqueous solutions on a molecular level, as well as studying ultrafast chemical reactions at surfaces and catalysis. As experimental expertise the group focuses on X-ray diffraction techniques using state-of-the-art X-ray synchrotrons and free electron lasers. Modern X-ray scattering methods provide powerful tools to investigate both static structure and structural dynamics on different length- and timescales.

The PhD-project will be part of a new sub-group led by Katrin Amann-Winkel and funded by the Ragnar Sderbergs Stiftelse ( The project focuses on studying the glass transition and liquid-liquid transition in amorphous ice and aims to build up a new experimental setup for measuring X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (XPCS) at elevated pressures. The experiments will have a high impact on the debate about different models explaining waters mysteries. Therefore we search for a highly motivated candidate with skills in experimental physics, programming and data analyses. The work will also include frequent travelling to different world leading X-ray facilities.

Education at the research level

A PhD education at Stockholm University is four years (48 months). The 4-year PhD program includes at least 3 years of research and at most one year of course work. The position may be extended by up to one year if up to 20 % teaching assistance or administration is included in the contract. The PhD student is employed ("doktorandanstllning") during the studies, with a monthly salary starting at SEK 26500.

Qualification requirements

An applicant who has completed a second-cycle (master’s) degree, or completed courses equivalent to at least 240 higher education credits (4 years of studies), of which 60 credits must be in the second cycle, or have otherwise acquired equivalent knowledge in Sweden or elsewhere, meets the general entry requirements.

In order to be accepted as a PhD student in Physics or Theoretical Physics a BSc in Physics (or equivalent)is required. The studies must include60 credits of second-cycle courses in physics out of which at least 15 credits correspond to a second-cycle degree project. The degree project does not have to have been examined at the application deadline, but work corresponding to half a semester of full-time studies should have been devoted to it. For the subject Chemical Physics courses in chemistry may replace the required physics courses.

The qualification requirements must be met by the deadline for applications.


The selection among the eligible candidates will be based on their capacity to benefit from the training. The successful applicant will be selected based on documented theoretical and experimental knowledge relevant for the area of study, knowledge of scientific theory and method, analytical skills, personal motivation and team working skills. Well-developed English language skills are required. The applicants are encouraged to provide supporting documents that substantiate qualifications, e.g., knowledge, skills, abilities and experience. References and interviews will be used to assess qualifications of the applicants. We seek a self-motivated candidate with good analytical abilities and skilled in English.

Admission Regulations for Doctoral Studies at Stockholm University are available and regulations.

Only a person who will be or has already been admitted to a third-cycle programme may be appointed to a doctoral studentship.

The term of the initial contract may not exceed one year. The employment may be extended for a maximum of two years at a time. However, the total period of employment may not exceed the equivalent of four years of full-time study.

Doctoral students should primarily devote themselves to their own education, but may engage in teaching, research, and administration corresponding to a maximum of 20 % of a full-time position.

Please note that admission decisions cannot be appealed.

Stockholm University strives to be a workplace free from discrimination and with equal opportunities for all.


For more information, please contactDr. Katrin Amann-Winkel, Further information about the position can be obtained from Prof. Per-Erik Tegnr,


Apply for thePhD student position at Stockholm University’s recruitment system. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete in accordance with the instructions in the advertisement, and that it is submitted before the deadline. Please include the following information with your application

and, in addition, please include the following documents

Deadline: March 03, 2019
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