PhD Hidden Entangled and Resonating Orders at ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich is offering PhD position. Applications will be evaluated immediately.

The Materials Theory Group at ETH Zrich has the following opening for a PhD student with an expected starting time-frame of Summer 2019. new position.As part of our ERC Synergy Collaboration, HERO, we aim to identify materials with new kinds of coupled and explicitly quantum mechanical orderings. The focus of the PhD will be the exploration of unconventional ferroelectric materials, in which the unusual mechanism for the ferroelectricity allows or even encourages other kinds of order (for example magnetic) to emerge. Electronic structure calculations based on density functional theory will be used to design new materials with optimized properties, and to explain newly observed phenomena.

A Master degree in Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, or a closely related field is required. Some experience with computational materials science research is desirable, as well as an interest in collaborating closely with experimental groups.

Deadline: As soon as possible
Apply Link:

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