Expression of Interest Security Guarantees for Automated Software Testing PhD Scholarship

Monash University, Australia is inviting excellent candidates to apply for a PhD position in mathematics. The deadline for applying is May 06, 2019.

It is well-known that testing can only show the presence of bugs but not their absence. Unlike verification, testing does not provide any formal guarantees about the correctness of a program, or the absence of vulnerabilities. This leaves practitioners and security researchers to make unfounded judgement calls: When is it safe to stop the fuzzer with a reasonable residual risk? Which assurances does a fuzzing campaign provide that exposes no bugs? How much longer should the fuzzer be run to achieve an acceptable residual risk?

We seek a highly motivated candidate to pursue an ARC-funded PhD projectto build the first scientific framework to provide such answers with quantifiable accuracy.The candidate will explore and extend various probabilistic and statistical frameworks, which practitioners should be able to leverage from a rich statistical toolset, to assess residual risk, obtain statistical guarantees, and analyse the cost-benefit trade-off for ongoing fuzzing campaigns.

The successful candidate will befully funded by an ARC grant (DECRA) throughout their candidature, while the Faculty of IT will support attendance at conferences. For international students, Faculty will also cover the tuition fees and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

The applicant should have a strong mathematical, statistical, or data science-related background. Some background in program analysis, system building, and testing is preferable, andsome background in vulnerability detection (hackathon, bug bounties) will also be desirable.

For more information on this project, please visit this website.

Interested in applying? Please send your CV, transcripts, and your reasons why you would like to do a PhD in automated vulnerability detection

Deadline: May 06, 2019
Apply Link:

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