The 10 Best Paying Careers in the World

If you are looking for ideas to create your own path of career or you are freshly graduated from high school, you will find here some of the most paying jobs in the world.

You need to have in mind that before choosing any career, you should get the right information about what it requires and whether it is suitable for your personal interest or not, because when you love what you do, you will be happy doing it and find it joyful rather than stressful. And also to get those high salaries, you will need to sacrifice years of studying and learning and be ambitious to the end, since good things take time to come, that’s why being patient and ambitious is the key.

You will find here 10 of the highest paying jobs in the world:


how much should you make as a data scientist

Average salary : $121000 PER YEAR

Data scientists are responsible for gathering and analyzing data, and interpret the results in order to get the perfect winning plan for the company and solving problems.
To become a data scientist, you will need to get a bachelor degree in maths or computer science, followed by a master degree in data science.


Entry Level Jobs in the Field of Enterprise Architecture

Average salary : $142000 PER YEAR

An enterprise architect is the one who is responsible for the maintenance of an organization’s IT services, improving and upgrading them. He will be asked to always stay on top of the new trends of technologies to look for improving the business.

To become an enterprise architect, you will have to get a bachelor degree in information technology, followed by a master and years of experience in the field.


Average Vice President Salary in the U.S.

Average salary :$ 149000 PER YEAR

A vice president is the person who works and report directly to the CEO or the president of a company.The vice president has many tasks and decisions to make, also managing the work of others who works under him.

To become a vice president, you will need to have a master degree, a rich experience with management skills to grow you resume, and get additional certification and training in the field you desire to work in.


How Much Does a Director of IT Make

Average salary :$ 150000 PER YEAR

Information security director is the one responsible for designing and managing the security measures within a company. They lead a team and supervise each one of them while planning and administering policies and taking care of staff matters and budget.

To become a director of information security, you need to get a bachelor degree in cyber security, followed by a master degree and then you will have to attain certifications and get additional training to get experience in security field.


Well-Paid CEo in Today's Market

Average salary :$166000 PER YEAR

Chief executive officer or CEO is the head of any company and have the highest salary.

A CEO is basically the one in charge of the company, he is the one who is responsible for taking decision for the sake of the company, and also managing and handling the new affairs and decide if they are beneficial.

If you want to become a chief executive officer, you will need to have a master degree, and have good skills of leadership, management and marketing. Along with good and rich experience in your previous jobs.


How Much Does a Surgeon Make Annually

Average salary :$216000 PER YEAR

A surgeon is a doctor specialized in performing advanced operations on patients. Surgeons are the head of the operating room, they lead a team of doctors and nurses while performing surgery and have to make sure everything is going smoothly.

If you want to become a surgeon, you need to get your medical degree and license, and then you will have to choose which specialty you want, and after that you will have to take years of residency in a hospital to work under skilled surgeons.


How Much Do Psychiatrists Make

Average salary :$ 224000 PER YEAR

Psychiatrist is a doctor who works in psychiatry, they provide diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental health conditions, they are medically qualified since they are the ones who chose to specialize in psychiatry, which means they have the right to prescribe medication and recommend treatment.

To become a psychiatrist you need to get a bachelor degree in pre medicine (up to four years), and then you apply for medical school to finish the remain four years. After that you will have to take years of residency under skilled psychiatrist to get the right training and skills.


Why Orthodontists Earn a High Income and Live a Luxurious Lifestyle

Average salary :$ 264000 PER YEAR

An orthodontist is a dental specialist trained in treatment of your dental and facial irregularities, also the prevention and diagnosis that goes with it.

In other words they help you to straighten your crooked teeth and align the jaws correctly, they can also fix bad bites.To become an orthodontist, you should get a five year degree in dentistry, and then three other years of specialist training of orthodontics.


Why should you become an ANESTHESIOLOGIST?

Average salary :$ 326000 PER YEAR

An anesthesiologist is a physician specialized in practicing anesthesia, like developing anesthetic plans and perioperative care.

Anesthesiologists are found in surgical procedures and are the ones responsible for giving the patients anesthesia and making sure that they are unconscious and keeping an eye on their vitals.

You can become an anesthesiologist by getting your bachelor degree in pre medicine biology or chemistry, and then you can apply for a medical school to get the medical degree and license.

After that you will have to complete your residency at a hospital to work under anesthesiologists in order to get further training and skills.


Learn more about the cardiovascular system, heart diseases, and treatments

Average salary :$351000 PER YEAR

Cardiologist is a doctor specialized in treating heart diseases and blood vessel diseases; they can also help people from getting heart diseases by giving them medicine or by starting healthier diets and daily exercising.

You can become a cardiologist after completing four years of medical school, and then spending other three years as a resident to learn general internal medicine, after that you will have to do three or four other years of specialized training.